About Us

Jaipur Cards lets you create Contactless Business Cards that can be shared anytime and anywhere. We help you promote yourself and the company you work on the go, without having to deal with the hassle of printing and handing over the old-school germy physical business cards.


Jaipur Card is an eco-friendly business card website which can be accessed on your phones and desktop. It can also scan your printed business cards and save personal information automatically. 


After the deadly pandemic has hit the world, with our contactless digital business card website/app, you and your team can safely share your contact information with your prospects and clients in just one click, avoiding all the risks that come with circulating the germy printed business cards.


All it will take is one click for people to save your information, view your social profiles, and check your services and products anytime anywhere.


Our electronic business cards are the best marketing tool for entrepreneurs, start-ups, realtors, salespeople, businessmen, and other professionals to grow their business, risk-free!